New and used bicycles on sale in Orbetello

In our shop in the center of Orbetello you can find bicycles for sale new and used. If you do not have specific needs you can also find used bicycles at very good prices.

We trade on new bicycles so if you would like to buy a new bicycle we will evaluate your old bicycle and deduct the amount from the price of your new bicycle.

These are the types of bicycles that you can find in our shop. we will be able to give you advice on the model that adapts to your needs.

  • Mountain Bike

    The Queen of ascents and impervious trails, dirt roads and adventures. In our shop you will various brand names and models for example: Lee Cougan, a brand name that is making a name for itself as one of the most reliable in it’s sector.

  • Electric bicycles - E–Bike

    It is a must for who wants to move about keeping in mind eco-mobility. At our shop you can find this new way of conceiving bicycles including the brand name Italwin, one of the best italian brand names in electric bicycles.

  • Comfort and Leisure Bikes

    These bikes are ideal for those who don’t have specific tecnical needs. Perfect for quick everyday movements and for bike rides out in the open air. If you are looking for a comfortable leisure bike, reliable and with all the accessories, come into our shop where you will find storical brand names such as Legnano and emerging brand names such as Brera.

  • Racing Bike

    A bike adapt for who eats up the kilometers, for those who desire an expert product, technical and sportive. For those who go beyond a simple bicycle ride. Come in and discover our various models.

  • Spare Parts and Accessories

    Of course in our shop you can find everything that you need to enjoy your bicycle, helmets, bags, shoes, racks, padlocks, bells, baskets, lights, wheels, tires, pedals, brakes, handles, handlebars, chains, bike stands, air chambers, baby chairs, wires, sheaths, shift controls, shift derailleur, and much more.

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